2017 m. liepos 7 d.


Exhibition SCHOOL is the main annual event of the Lithuanian education community. The exhibition gathers teachers, students, their parents, school management representatives, representatives of NGO’s, public education centers, business companies to learn and share their best practices.


Every year, new educational projects, conventional and alternative teaching methods and aids, school equipment, teaching innovations are introduced and presented at the exhibition.

The exhibition is enriched with an extensive programme of events, including: conferences and forums, meetings, discussions and debates, master classes, interactive educational workshops and creative workshops for teachers and students.

The exhibition offers an excellent opportunity to see, try, experience and get inspired.

The exhibition „MOKYKLA“ („SCHOOL“) is an annual event that has been organized in Lithuania since 2011 by the Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania, Education Development Centre, Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO. About 120 000 visitors (mostly education community representatives) have participated in this event in 2011-2016.

The exhibition is a great opportunity to make mutually useful ties for enterprises, which participate in educational tools and services market, and for education community – school administrators, educational workers, teachers, parents and children.

Opportunities for Education community

Interactive classrooms are operating in the exhibition where the most advanced technologies such as interactive whiteboards, digital textbooks, digital microscopes and many other are available for testing and evaluating. If desirable tools fit expectations, they might be purchased.

Visitors of exhibition also have many opportunities to improve their knowledge in the specially organized educational events, conferences, forums and workshops, to take part in discussions and to share best practices and educational ideas with others as well as find new learning opportunities.

Opportunities for enterprises

Each participating enterprise has an unique possibility to present and introduce its products and services, up-to-date school equipment and, most importantly, to make mutually useful ties.