2017 m. liepos 7 d.

School 2012

The second „Mokykla“ exhibition was organized on the 23th-25th of November. The first two days were dedicated to teachers, students, school administration and school communities, Sunday events – were for families. The main theme of the exhibition – growing up happily. With this theme we tried to emphasize both: the continuous growth of the child and the teacher and the importance of harmonious interpersonal relations.

Presentations of the most recent teaching and learning methods were organised, workshops for students and teachers, interactive presentations of teaching and learning means variety, discussions, contests, and even meetings with interesting people from education community. During the exhibition visitors could also learn about good practices in foreign countries and Lithuania. Best Lithuanian practices were presented by teachers and students.

First time at the exhibition:

  • All Lithuanian students were invited to participate in the contest of creative work: „What inspires to grow happily?“. Students were encouraged to present their creative works in digital format.

Exhibition in numbers : 21.000 visitors, 6.000 participants

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