2017 m. liepos 7 d.

School 2015

The fifth „Mokykla“ exhibition was organized on the 6th-7th of November. The concept SCHOOL WITHOUT BORDERS that was introduced 2014 for the first time proved to be successful. SCHOOL WITHOUT BORDERS symbolises a school in which every single community member, his/her creativity, opinion and initiatives are valued.

The main highlights: STEAM education – visitors had a chance to learn about the teaching aids and best practices of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics); Generation Z – consultations and seminars were aimed to help teachers and parents to gain better understanding of this generation; Prestige of teacher’s profession – consultations were offered to those who are choosing or have chosen this profession.

First time at the exhibition:

  • „Discovery labaratories“ – integrated master lessons for students and teachers were held at the exhibition.
  • Science Centre AHHAA came with spectacular science theatre shows, master lessons and science introduction to everyone.
  • Conference „Parents – education partners and power of change“ was held for parents.
  • Conference on STEAM education was held for school leaders, administration, politicians, scientists and businessman.
  • Teachers were invited to participate in dancing contest to win a trip to Science Centre AHHAA.

Exhibition in numbers: 106 exhibitors, 6.366 sq. m area, 229 events, 18.700 visitors, 6000 teachers