2018 m. gruodžio 20 d.

School 2018

School 2018 was held on 23-24 November, 2018. The main highlight of exhibition was FUTURE SCHOOL. The Future School is where children and teachers feels good, where every child is important. The teacher is a creative and professional teaching and learning designer. Such school is self-sufficient, certainly understanding its uniqueness, very familiar with its community, providing possibilities and giving wings to every individual.

Discovery laboratories – 8 thematic spaces, where integrated master lessons, workshops were organized to promote creativity and inquiry – presenting new creative research activities every year!

First time at the exhibition:

  • For students: Opportunities Area, Career Gallery, Competition for students and awards.
  • Events for parents and pupils with actors and psychologist.

Exhibition in numbers: 16.500 visitors, 4800 participants, 166 events, 103 exhibitors

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