2016 m. liepos 22 d.



The exhibition focused on these aspects of the Good School:

Personality growth

Maturity, achievements and the learning progress

Polylogue culture and partnership

Fostering of communication, conversation and consensus culture, participation of the authority implementing school owner’s rights and duties and the local community in school affairs

Exploration and creativity

Learning based on creativity, inquiry, personal needs of students

School identity and diversity

A fun and nice environment of the school, developed by the community members themselves


School 2016 was held on 25-26 November, 2016. The main highlight of exhibition was GOOD SCHOOL: we discussed the challenges a modern school is facing today – personality growth, polylogue culture and partnership, exploration and creativity, school identity and diversity. For the first time CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) has brought traveling exhibition The LHC Interactive Tunnel and Proton Football. Discovery laboratories – 8 thematic spaces, where integrated master lessons, workshops were organized to promote creativity and inquiry. School 2016 has brought main event: „Forum: Good school“ for school leaders and administration. The science centre AHHAA invited to watch and engage in spectacular science shows!

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